Carnelia "Blade" Haddon

Rogue Trader


“See that we are not disturbed.”

The Guardsman saluted and said “Yes, Captain Blade,” as he closed the door.

The captain turned to the man who had just entered her office. “Quintos Progena, I believe we have much to talk about.”

“I would like to know when you planned this mutiny. And how by the Emperor you pulled it off.”

“I am not the only one who kept secrets. Inquisitor Drake has requested a meeting with both of us.”

“I can explain.”

The captain moved the curtain to reveal a nondescript, elderly man sitting in the chair looking out into the sky. “Good. Inquisitor Drake, Quintos Progena, as you requested.”

“Already have the attitude of a Rogue Trader and you just got your warrant today. I can see why your family was willing to ransom you, but that does not explain why my grandson married you.”

“Grandson?” was her response and her husband’s was “Sir?” at almost the same time.

“You did actually marry her, boy, did you not? Or was that a ruse to get her family to ransom her, not that the Battlefleet pays ransom.”

“Battlefleet, sir?” Carnelia slid a chair under her husband before he succumbed to the shocks he was getting and moved to pour three drinks.

“He did actually marry me, Inquisitor Drake. And regardless of the fact he is your grandson, my children will remain on my ship with me. Yes, children. Our son is almost a year old and I will probably start showing again soon.”

The Inquisitor looked at the two of them and actually smiled. “By the Emperor, you two are quite the pair. Quintos and Carnelia ‘the Blade’ Haddon. Quintos Progena raised for Imperial Service after surviving an Ork attack that eliminated most of his planet, brought into my employ after years of searching for my son’s bastard, and lost on an undercover mission gone awry. Carnelia born into the Battlefleet, left in the employ of a Rogue Trader who forgot what his warrant meant, made enemies in the Underworld and was sold to a pirate, sent a ransom request coded with information on how to hunt down the pirate, and awarded her great-grandfather’s warrant as a Rogue Trader after a successful mutiny while apparently pregnant. The Emperor must have a plan for the two of you.” Inquisitor Drake looked between them and asked, “You are aware of why Ordos Xenos is interested in your ship are you not?”

“Yes, Inquisitor, we are. Jaguar Starlight is our home though and the ship has already faced inquisitorial inspection. You are welcome to have someone else inspect her as she has been in pirate hands, but my ship is mine and her crew are mine. I have earned their loyalty and they have earned mine.”

“Quintos, you could not figure out your own wife was battlefleet trained and planning a mutiny. Her bearing and innate loyalty to the entire ship reveal that plainly. Why did the pirates keep you alive?”

Quintos looked at Carnelia and replied, “Her. She convinced the pirates guarding us that everyone could be put to use on a ship. It was when she first was dragged on board. They decided the only thing I would be good for was warming her bed as I had proven worthless in the month before that. Carnelia smarted back that the only way that would happen was if we were married. The pirates had Jedia marry us on the spot.”

Carnelia interrupted, “Yes, Inquisitor your cleric acolyte is still alive and packing her belongings as we speak.”

“So, how long have you known your husband worked for the Inquisition, girl?”

“Since before I left the Battlefleet, sir. You had sent him to collect a book from my father. I did not know he was your grandson, though.”

“Neither did he. So, did you marry him because he was Inquisition?”

“No, sir. I married him because he is the only man who had captured my interest since before I left the Battlefleet. It is very hard to find someone that is challenging to describe, so when I saw him on ship I decided to take a chance. It paid off. Now, if you don’t mind, sir, I have a ship to run and still have to figure out which of the crew I can trust. Will my husband be remaining on board or will he be leaving with his “sister”, Jedia?”

“I would like for my grandson to remain on board to monitor this alien technology and study any alien races or artefacts that you come across. I may have to summon him for other tasks from time to time, but for now this seems a fitting assignment for a non-acolyte employee of the Inquisition. Quintos Haddon can be my point of contact should the Emperor require your service.”

“Very good. Quintos, I will leave you to talk to your grandfather. And, I presume the family connection will remain inside this room as you have called my husband by my name as the way of the Progena?”

“It would be best for all of us, Captain Blade.”

“As the Emperor wills, sir.”


Carnelia "Blade" Haddon

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