The Seneschal


You are a member of the Rogue Traders inner circle, their right hand in all things that pertain to their Dynasty House and their endeavors of glory and profit. Master of ceremonies, master of coin and commerce, master of logistics, master of emissaries, master of whispers and spies: the Seneschal is the quietly spoken of individual in every Trader House who is looked upon with trepidation by those who fear they have earned his suspicion. The mechanisms of trade and House affairs do not run themselves, and it is the Seneschal whose hands are upon the gears—ever adjusting, ever careful, and ever vigilant.

You were born on a Fortress World, a bastion of Imperial Military might that covered a whole planet and stood against the threats of mankind, in this case the blight of Orks that floated in the void like locus from one plane to the next. You were raised inside the hallow wall of the church and the Emperor God taken in by one of the many orphanages ran by the Ecclesiarchy until you came of age as a young adult. Upon the leaving the orphanage you were call to service of the Imperium gaining experience and a personal strength that protects you even now decades later. You served the Ecclesiarchy as you used your skills to help protect and organize holy pilgrimages across the fast voids and even through warp to distant planets.

It was during one of these pilgrimage voyages that you would come into the service of the Rogue Trader’s Dynasty when upon the failing of the Geller Field of the ship all hell came aboard. In the ensuing struggle to keep the hells of the warp off the ship you saved the life of a member of the Dynasty House and accounted you self well in the ensuing struggle. Afterwards you were made a full servant of rank in the Dynasty House and have now been charged with serving the Rogue Trader and protecting their interest.


The Seneschal

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