The Arch-Militant


You are the Rogue Traders master of arms and warfare and the 41st Millennium is an age of total war, an age of bloodshed and toil into which every human being, from the lowliest hive-serf to the highest scion of nobility, is born. No life is untouched by the incessant wars that plague the Imperium, and countless lives are shed each year to hold at bay the forces of the traitor, the heretic, and the alien. From amongst the uncounted ranks of warriors step those for whom a life of bloodshed and war is not a death sentence, but rather a calling. Such a person as you are sometimes called Arch-militants, for you have faced death over and over and have mastered every terror the savage galaxy has to offer.

You were born one of countless billions in one of many mountain sized cities that cover the whole planet side of the Hive World that was you birth place. You managed to claw you way out of life sentence of hard labor and slow death the only way you could, by learning the skills of violence and trading those for gold thrones. Although your life was hard you were driven to look for answers, answers that came at odds with the cold authorative teachings of the Ecclesiarchy looking for spiritual guidance elsewhere. Unfortunately the cult you joined came afoul of the forces of the church and it forced you to flee you Hive World for the safety of the void. While fleeing the ship you were one was attacked and boarded by pirates, pirates that happen to learn of the bounty on your head back on your home world. Though you endured mach at the hand of you captures you bid you time wait for the perfect moment to strike and when it came you unleashed a river of blood and gained you freedom along with the respect of the Rogue Trader you now serve.


The Arch-Militant

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