The Explorator


You are a Exporator, part adventurer, part warrior, part emissary of the Machine Cult of Mars, Explorators are Tech-priests, bionically augmented adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus. You and your brethren’s function is to travel into the depths of the unknown and unearth the ashes of the past in order to acquire knowledge and secrets for the glory of the Omnissiah. Something of a breed apart in the Cult Mechanicus, you are seen as a necessary evil by some of your fellows and vital agents of the Machine God by others. Explorators undertake their Quest for Knowledge across the stars, seeking out undiscovered data and unrecorded phenomena, forgotten archeotech hoards, and unknown life forms. All Mechanicus research stations, exploration ships, and outposts any distance from a Forge World are likely to be manned by Explorators. It is also the sacred function of these intrepid (or foolhardy) individuals as yourself to delve in the unexplored reaches of the galaxy, either as part of great Mechanicus-backed fleets or by attaching themselves to the Rogue Trader houses to carry them into the beyond in search of both the future and, most importantly, the past.

You were born and raised on a holy Forge World, but even in awe inspiring glory of the massive machine structures and factories you barely managed to scrap a living in the scum alleyways and underground that you grew up in. That was until your natural talent lead you to apprentice with a experimental Tech-Priest who’s fascination with integrating alien tech with holy tech was passed on to you. It was your teacher that would send you to the star fill void in search of more alien tech for his experiments and although you managed to join a small Mechanicus backed exploration ship all did not go as plan. The void can be very cruel and that cruelty would shipwreck you on a Death World were you managed to survive on your wits and instinct alone as other of the expedition and crew died around you, but survive you did and managed to flee that hellish world. You have raised above you first failings in void travel to join a Rogue Trader as their trusted Mechanicus agent so you can restart you search for lost alien tech that will be the link to furthering your experiments.


The Explorator

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