The Missionary


You have answered the call of servitude to the Emperor-God in one of the most dangerous, but glory filled ways possible, that as a Missionary. The Missionary is a singular manifestation of the Ecclesiarchy, a walking temple clothed in the trappings of his calling, part holy warrior, part politician, and when needs be, judge, jury, and executioner. His mission: to spread the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy far beyond the Imperium’s borders, to convert, whether using words, bullets, or subterfuge, those lost Human worlds he encounters out amongst the distant stars.

You were born in the fringes of the Imperium in a hellish Death World that spells the end to most humans but you and your people have managed to not only survive to build a shadow of a Imperium society in this hell. This was your life until the day the Tithe ship came to all for a one percent of your planets population into the service of the Imperial Guard. Although to young to be a Guardsman you we boarded as a aid to the unit’s Ministorum Priests. You served alongside the men and women of the Imperial Guard as you assisted the Priest seeing the best and worst of humanity and just what evil it faces in a constant death struggle.

It was shortly after completing your own vows as a Priest that you and your Guard Legion would face off against of the most vile of these evils that wished humanity’s destruction, the Ork. Your Imperial Guard Legion would face off against the hordes of Orks in a desperate protection of an Imperium world, out numbered in the most absurd way you and your flock stood its ground and although it would spell the end and disbanding of the survivors your Imperial Guard Legion stood fast and won the day. Those last dark days of your former Guard Legion has strengthened you but also filled you with a holy hatred of Orks. Due to your experience you were awarded the privilege to join the ranks of the Missionaries and as such you have become a faith filled supporter of the Rogue Trader and crew of the Rogue Trader ship that you now call home and chapel.


The Missionary

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