The Navigator


Without a Navigator, a vessel is limited to warp jumps of only a few light years at a time, and exact calibration must be undertaken by massive banks of cogitators as even the smallest of errors will have fatal consequences for the vessel and every soul aboard. Without a Navigator, to cross even the smallest of interstellar gulfs without the most detailed and ancient charts is considered a desperate or foolhardy act by most void-farers and suicidal by those who truly understand what horrors lurk beyond the material universe.

The Navigator is the scion of one of the great Navigator clans. These bloodlines are said by some to be older than the Imperium itself and by others to be a direct creation of the God-Emperor when he walked in mortal form. Over the millennia, they have garnered great power and influence thanks to the Imperium’s reliance on them, but at the same time are caged by convention and tradition. A Navigator wants for nothing, yet in reality is often a slave of their station. Thanks to their Warp Eye, they are able to pierce the veil between the Materium and the Immaterium, between reality and the nightmarish realms beyond. Able to perceive the warp’s shifting contours and impossible currents, they can guide a vessel by dint of his skill and the immeasurable aid of the light of the Astronomican, the Emperor-forged and soul-burning beacon that shines across the galaxy from ancient Terra. The life of a Navigator is one of duty and service to their clan, yet many would have it no other way, for they are never truly more alive than when ensconced in their navigation sanctum, gazing into the insane, swirling depths of the Immaterium, pitting their will and their wits against the ravening storm of energy and thought that lurks behind all things others call real.

You were born as one of the scions of the ancient Navigator clans the House Mercator and as such you were raised in the sheltered upbringing of privilege with all the advantages of advanced education, medical care and high society brings. Like many of your house you have a innate desires to explore, not only in search for what happened to your family’s lost ancestors mass exploration fleet, but for your own curiosity. In your search for new frontiers and unexplored void you joined far ranging exploration and trade ships and even help in the discovery of lost planets on the far edges of the Calixis Sector. Now you have joined a House trusted Rogue Trader Dynasty’s newest Warrant bearing Rogue Trader as they set forth into the Koronus Expanse.


The Navigator

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