The Void-Master


You have earned the title of Void-master (or mistress), a term used to describe one who has risen to master one or more of the mysterious arts of the running of a space-going vessel. They have generally served in a myriad of stations, and have been exceptionally fortunate in that their skills have been recognized and they have been allowed to progress through the ranks to the very top. A Void-master knows every inch of their vessel, and even the cold touch of the airless void presents little fear, for they has faced the terrors of space countless times and has lived to tell the tale. In character and attitude, they are as varied as the ships on which they have served. Some are dour and proper officers—the products of the finest naval bloodlines, while others are born traders and rakish rogues out of the chartist ships. Others, still, are by inclination smugglers, scavengers, and even pirates. No matter their origins, however, one thing unites them all—the consummate skill in doing what they do best, and the high price and respect their services can earn them.

You have called the interior of a huge void faring vessel your home all your life born to the low deck cast you were forced to scavenge off of the scrapes that fell from upper decks. It was a childhood where each day of survival was a triumph that has hardened and honed you, but left its scars on your soul. If your life was not hard enough, then one day the decks were open and Imperium Guards pulled you out of the lower decks of the ship that had been your home from birth and branded you a Mutant! You were shipped off to a holding cell awaiting your execution or deportation to a prison planet when fate intervened, and it brought war. A band of Pirate Clans had dared attack Battlefleet ships and you were pressed into duty aboard a Imperium ship to fight the pirate scum, and fight you did winning battles and serving you ship to the fullest, none questioned you worth now. Among those who recognize your skill and abilities aboard ship is the Rogue Trader you now serve aboard the ship that is now your new home.


The Void-Master

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